Welcome to Man Cave Recordings, Rochester's #1 location for Professional Multitrack Digital recordings.

Apogee AD-16X 16 Channel A/D converters
Apogee Mini Dac 2 Channel D/A converters
Neumann U87's, Alesis HD24 hard disc recorders
(3) Yamaha O2r digital consoles totaling 140 channels
JDK R22 compressor
Mackie Onyx 1640
Whirlwind 24 Channel splitter snake
Yamaha NS 10M monitors
Yamaha drums
Vintage Mic preamps from Langevin, Altec, Ampex, Quad Eight,
Mac G5  Dual 2Ghz G5 processors, 4 gig memory
dual 22" flat screen monitors
Pro Tools 9
Sonar 5 Producer
Waves Bundles
Jack Joseph Puig Plug-in collection
Abbey Road Plug-in Bundle
Maybe you would like to mix your own tracks? That's cool! Man Cave Recordings can come out to your gig, capture your night and turn over the wave files to you. Have your audio captured with a pristine state of the art setup then mix 'til your hearts content. Contact me for more information!!
           Can you mix?
Man Cave Recordings was enlisted to record full multitrack audio for the
Genesis Tribute band "The Waiting Room". http://www.genesistribute.com The show was recorded at the fabulous Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls in March.Direct feed from splitter snake through Apogee A/D converters at 48K 24 bit. A DVD release is expected by this summer.Keep an eye out for this one...should be fantastic,check these guys out!

Package: 4 hour gig 24 channel multitracked audio and 3 Hi-Def camcorders only $750.00 complete. No extras.
(585) 729-8932
          That Party Band